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“I was knocked out by Leigh’s show, “Why Water Falls.” Her writing was fluid, beautiful, surprising, intricate, and simple. And her acting of this writing was overwhelming. I went on the whole roller-coaster ride and ended up exhilarated by my exhaustion, catharsis, and total and electric involvement.” Austin Pendleton, Director, Actor, Writer, Theatre Artist


“Leigh Curran has clarity, courage and talent as both an actor and a writer. “Why Water Falls” is a dazzling, brave, beautiful evening of theatre that cuts to the bone of truth for many women.” Blythe Danner, Actress


“Leigh Curran spins gold out of her life experiences. The wisdom she painfully accrues teaches that nothing is lost and that gain sometimes catches us by surprise. She performs “Why Water Falls” beautifully.” Jane Alexander, Actress, Chairman NEA under President Bill Clinton


“Leigh Curran’s “Why Water Falls” is an utterly compelling, smart, and deeply moving night in the theatre. Beautifully directed by Mary Pat Gleason, this one is not to be missed.” Lonny Price, Director


“A solo show about a woman who doesn’t like to talk about herself that’s funny, gutsy, intelligent and wonderfully surreal. As a writer, Leigh Curran looks at motherhood, creativity and making peace with irrevocable life choices from a perspective that’s fresh, full of surprises and beautifully articulated. As an actress, she’s a force of nature – honest, open and effortlessly present. A completely satisfying theatrical experience! Don’t miss it!”  Gretchen Cryer, Writer, Actress, Solo Artist


“Leigh Curran’s one person show, “Why Water Falls,” about her several selves coming together in life to make sense of their collective choices, and find a way forward that honors them all, will be a delight to people of all ages struggling with major life choices; career vs children, ambition vs family, gender identity and personal empowerment. Her piece is full of wise and moving wisdom for everyone.” Michael Weller, Playwright


“Leigh Curran’s Why Water Falls is a searing evening of self revelation that grips her audience as it takes unexpected turns in the life of this wonderful artist.” Becky and Dylan Baker, Actors

“Why Water Falls” is about recycling the pain of the past into something joyful, whacky and deeply creative!  Jane Anderson, Writer, Director, 2015 Emmy Winner for “Olive Kitteridge”

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