Why Water Falls

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WHY WATER FALLS enjoyed a good run in 2015 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival  and Off-Off Broadway at 13th Street Repertory.  In 2016 it went up at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA and at the United Solo Festival in New York City.  Thanks for all the love and support!  It’s been an incredible journey!


Huffington Post: “A banner year for dramas at the Fringe.  I wish for wider audiences to discover the thrills of Leigh Curran’s stirring dramedy about motherhood and fiction writing. “








 “Why Water Falls” is a solo show about a fiction writer who has to write about herself and, in the struggle, comes face to face with her ambivalence about motherhood and the unexpected consequences she’s trying to forget. A smart, funny, thought provoking evening of true fiction that looks at making peace with irrevocable life choices in a whole new way. Written and performed by Leigh Curran and directed by Mary Pat Gleason.


September, 2016 – United Solo Festival in New York City
April, 2016 – Two Encore Performances at Highways Performance Space 
October-November, 2015 – New York City Premiere Production Off-Off Broadway – 13th Street Repertory Theatre
 June, 2015 – World Premiere Production – Hollywood Fringe Festival – The East Theatre at The Complex

One Response to Why Water Falls

  1. Mike Storr says:


    My name is Michael Storr and I work at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (USA). I coach the competitive speech and debate team here…also known as “forensics.” I am writing with regard to “Why Water Falls.”

    Within forensics, there is a competitive event that college student actors compete in called “Dramatic Interpretation.” The description of this event is:

    Dramatic Interpretation (DI) is an event in which the competitor interprets a selection from a dramatic theatrical script A single competitor uses monologues or plays several parts, which are differentiated using “pops” between various positions and voices, each representing a different character. One can also play one character (monologue) and most students do choose to perform monologues.

    Oftentimes, students perform monologues and that is why I am writing you. I was wondering if it would be possible to read “Why Water Falls” in hopes that the script could be used by one of my students in the classroom.

    I want to make it clear that NO MONEY would be made from the performance of this script. Forensics is simply an activity that aims to help give these students a voice. It is STRICTLY for educational purposes.

    Additionally, I am more than happy to pay for a copy of the script but cannot see where to find a place to purchase it. Sometimes, authors send me invoices and I pay by paypal or check and then they send the script electronically.

    Any help you can provide would be wonderful.

    Thank you for your time! Here is a link to my page at the university if you would like to check my credentials/background.


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